Two Days. Thirty Bands. All Local.

About Us

The Festival

The last weekend each July, we host a two day, all local music festival featuring the best in Metal, Punk, and Rock 'n Roll from Louisville, Ky.

Aside from the music we have games and activities for the kids as well as a bazaar filled with local art, crafts, and cuisine for you to enjoy.

The Documentary

The Festival was organized in order to fund a film project documenting the impact Louisville music has had on the people of the city, as well as it's greater impact throughout the United States.

This project is titled, "Louisville is Dead: A History of Louisville Punk"

The Charity

While a majority of the proceeds are dedicated to the film project, each year a percentage of the money raised is donated to a local music-centric non-profit. 

We're happy to say this year will benefit GIRLS ROCK LOUISVILLE!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's up with the name?

The name was inspired by a documentary we are currently shooting about the history of the Louisville punk scene. It's an homage to the individuals who believe that "the scene is dead."  We assure you, it's live and well. More details are available on the DOCUMENTARY tab located above.  

When does the Greatful Dead tribute start?

Sorry, but I think you might have gotten lost.  The Greatful Dead have absolutely nothing to do with this event.  Keep on truckin...