LOUISVILLE IS DEAD: A History of Louisville Punk

Whether it's the late 70s or the 00s, Louisville has always it's thumb on the pulse of punk rock.  Throughout the decades, tons of it's talented bands have spent months on the road, hitting every city possible. It's unique sound, fast pace, and over abundance of gear have permanently left it's mark on the massive United States punk rock community.  Hope you brought your ear plugs...

This documentary is to tell the story of how Louisville helped shape punk rock.



Tons of interviews with musicians from the 80s, 90s, and 00s. Hear about their favorite shows and venues. See the faces that shaped the sound that made Louisville infamous through-out the US as well as the world. 


There is tentatively three episodes scheduled for release, the first of which covers the roots and initial growth.  The idea is to dedicate each of the three episodes specifically to highlighting a decade through-out the history of Louisville Punk.


Louisville is infamous for it's over use of gear in live settings. Ringing ears and the feint smell of burning tubes usually follow in the wake of performance.  We explore what has been known as the "Wall of Sound," as well as a well known stigma known as the "Louisville Curse."

Promotional Trailer 2016